Landscape Lighting

Outdoor Landscape LightingAccentuate and protect your beautiful home with custom outdoor and landscape lighting by Brilliant Electric of Redwood City. Using landscape lighting, you can create a unique look for your home that is safe and energy efficient. Outdoor lighting comes with a handful of amazing highlights and advantages for every homeowner.

Ambiance/Event Lighting

Outdoor Landscape Lighting

The proper lighting can set the tone to any event, holiday, season, or mood. You can choose different colors and displays to create a one of a kind experience for you and your guests.


Outdoor Landscape Lighting Design

Use lighting to perfectly design and accentuate your outdoor space. Whether it is outlining a horse arena, highlighting a gazebo, or making a space more comfortable and inviting. Lighting can be used in a versatile way to create the perfect atmosphere all year round.


Outdoor Lighting
Your outdoor lighting can be used to illuminate paths to keep guests and family safe in addition to preventing burglaries and vandalism. Installing motion-detection floodlights can help keep your home secure at all times, while also conserving energy and money.

Property Value

For all of the above reasons, proper outdoor lighting will increase your property value immensely. Potential buyers will recognize the safety and design that an outdoor lighting system adds to your home.