Air Conditioner Power Get Quote

We here at Brilliant Electric can work with your HVAC contractor to install new power for your Air conditioner or Furnace.Read More

Bathroom Exhaust Fan Get Quote

A bathroom exhaust fan is an essential part of your bathroom. It's purpose is not only to exhaust air from the room, but also to remove warm, moist air from the inside of a bathroom to the outdoors.Read More

Knob Tube Wiring Get Quote

Knob-and-tube wiring, most common among homes built before 1950, is named after it’s ceramic knob support and ceramic tube protection. This type of wiring has two wires, instead of the modern three wires which includes a grounding wire. The most efficient way to find out if your home contains knob-and-tube wiring is to call Brilliant Electric for an inspection.Read More

LED Lighting Get Quote

LED lighting is an efficient lighting solution if you would like to improve visibility and mood in your home. It also reduces noise pollution and can save you both energy and money over time.Read More

Other Services Get Quote

Brilliant Electric is a full service electrical company. Please contact our office for a complimentary estimate.Read More

Panel Upgrades Get Quote

Your electric service panel is the regulator of the electrical current inside your home.It is designed to shut off power to your home in the event of a potentially fatal accident. If your electrical panel is malfunctioning, it’s always a good idea to call the licensed electricians at Brilliant Electric for a full electrical inspection and to explore your options.Read More

Real Estate Home Get Quote

A home safety inspection is always a good idea for potential buyers, new homeowners, or the safety conscience family! Read More

These guys do excellent work. They are extremely prompt, honest, and really know what they are doing.  I was thoroughly impressed with everything they did for us and highly recommend them. - Nathan M    
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