Ceiling Fan

Your new ceiling fan can enhance your home’s decor and functionality all year round! At Brilliant Electric of Redwood City, we can install, upgrade, and maintain a gorgeous state of the art fan. Make your fan the highlight of a room and enjoy the rewarding list of benefits.
Ceiling Fan

What is the benefit of adding or enhancing a ceiling fan?

  • Summer Breeze: Keep cool in the summer with a cool breeze from your ceiling fan. A ceiling fan can save you money while keeping you comfortable; by circulating air, rather than turning down your thermostat, a ceiling fan cools a room efficiently.
  • Backyard Comfort: Make your backyard patio more comfortable and enjoyable by adding an outdoor fan. An outdoor fan will make any lounge area or get together more pleasant.
  • Lighting: A ceiling fan can also upgrade your lighting, making a space more functional and inviting.
  • Decor: Make any room stand out with an elegant ceiling fan. A staple in home decor, a ceiling fan draws the eye and will bring any room together nicely. Ceiling fans come with a variety of styles and features to fit your home and your needs perfectly.
  • Warm Winter: A ceiling fan can help you save money and energy in the winter, too! Heat rises and collects near your ceiling, so using a fan in reverse makes use of the risen air by pushing it back down to warm your home.